Anna- It happens to me, too, and I am an American. When you are born and raised in the US, the way you speak depends on what region you learned to speak in. Being from the deep South, I have quite a southern accent. But even among Southerners, there are so many different accents and dialects. I am from Atlanta Georgia, but I speak differently than someone from Charleston South Carolina. West Virginia definitely has its own dialect and sound, as does Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama. We are all Southerners, but we all speak differently. The one thing I hate about having a southern accent, is that many people mentally deduct points from your IQ when you open your mouth. it is no fun to be considered a dumb southern blonde.

To put a different spin on your situation, I believe most Americans are fascinated with foreign accents. Not everyone is a racist bigot and many of us find it delightful to have friends who are from somewhere else.

My husband is from New Jersey, and one of the things he loves the best about me is my southern accent. Accents can be charming, and they are part of who we are. I have learned to embrace mine as a part of who I am. We should never be ashamed of the way we talk!

Thanks for sharing this. ❤️

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