Christine- I believe that there is never a time that healing is wasted, even if our children never get the direct benefit of our healing. I am not so sure that they won’t, even if we never see them again. When we heal, we shift our energy. We are connected to our children through cosmic connections, and they may sense that shift. Those connections can never be broken, only changed. Please don’t discount the value of your own healing. For all we know, these precious humans came into our lives to bring us to this point of growth and healing. And, as we shift our energy by healing our wounds, we are more likely to attract them back into our lives.

It does feel incredibly sad that we have caused harm to our children, but we can always pray for them to find the healing they need. We have to trust that as we do our own work, they will find the way to do theirs.

Please don’t lose heart. Things can and do change all the time.

Human learning to be human. Writing in hopes of getting there.

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