FYI: You Are Already Being Tracked

Fears about a tracking device injected with a vaccine are laughable

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  1. Coronavirus is not going to just “fade away.”
    Until enough people are infected with it, it is going to just keep going and going, just like the Energizer bunny. We develop antibodies to disease either by getting it or by being vaccinated against it. We get immunity without having to get sick if we get the vaccine. I choose the vaccine over the risk of dying from Covid19.
  2. If we all get vaccinated, life can go back to normal life sooner rather than never.
    I, for one, will be the first in line for a vaccine. I want to visit my elderly mother without fear of killing her. I want to go out in public without a mask. I want to go to concerts, fly in an airplane, go to restaurants and exercise at my local YMCA. I want to hug and kiss the people I love without fear of infecting them — or them infecting me. Why wouldn’t we all line up for the chance for life to return to normal?
  3. Humans love conspiracy theories, but they can make us behave in ways that endanger ourselves or others.
    According to Joanne Miller, conspiracy theories are easier for some people to believe than that bad things happen at random. When something like the coronavirus happens, it makes people feel helpless and out of control. If they believe that some nefarious actors are behind the crisis, it gives them something to fight against.
    Unfortunately, believing that the impending vaccine is an evil plot to track us all — in a mark of the beast, 666 sort of way — will create a problem for those of us who just want to get this thing under control. Fighting against the recommendations of health officials puts us all at risk.

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