Susan - This was truly one of the kindest and most loving responses I have ever received from an adult child who has experienced estrangement. I thank you for your good wishes for a reconciliation. I can say that after 10 years, I have learned to completely let go of any expectations, and I have totally allowed her to fly free. If she ever finds her way back, I will rejoice. If she doesn't, but I know she is living a happy and fulfilled life, I will also rejoice.

I have thought about what you said about her being in pain, too. Sometimes, as an estranged parent, it is hard to believe this, because it feels like our child has pushed the knife in and twisted it, and it seems that they are indifferent to the point of not caring. But I know that is not true, and I pray for my daughter that she will heal, as I have been doing for these 10 years.

Thank you again for your kind response. I wish you well.

Human learning to be human. Writing in hopes of getting there.

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