Thank you Skye for putting into words what I have been feeling for the past nine years. I have been ghosted by my sister, who at one time was my best friend, and my daughter. Neither of them had the decency to say to me that they no longer wanted a relationship with me or to explain to me what I had done that caused them to make this decision. I would rather them both have told me what a bitch I was and given me an opportunity to make things right. You are right, it has been like an emotional gut punch. It has made me question my worth as a human being and has caused me more pain than anything I’ve ever experienced. It is a cowardly and cruel act. Thank you for validating for me the pain that this has caused me. I am so sorry you have experienced the same. May our hearts heal and may we remember that ghosting is not about our worth, but about the brokenness of the ghoster.

Human learning to be human. Writing in hopes of getting there.

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