This totally resonates with my, Kathryn. Unlike your experience, Medium is where my trolls live. I have suffered a great deal of anxiety and shame from the responses to my stories about being estranged from my daughter. I do wonder if those who leave such cruel personal attacks understand that I am a living breathing human being with feelings. I have come to realize that the comments are not about me but about their own experiences. But that does not always dull the pain of the attack. I have chosen to not read the negative comments and in some cases I have blocked people who insist on attacking me every time I write something.

I am sorry you have had to face such rude and hateful comments about your health issues. I applaud you for writing about it anyway. In this day of hyper-connection, we can feel so alone when we are going through something that not everyone understands. It is why I write about estrangement. It is why you should keep writing about fibromyalgia.

Sending a hug. ♥

Human learning to be human. Writing in hopes of getting there.

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