Why Do Some People Get Real Joy From Office Supplies?

If you are one of them, you probably have your own reasons, but here are mine

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Photo by Beth Bruno ©2020

They Make Us Feel Competent

Playing with office supplies was my first foray into the world of adults. When I sat at my daddy’s desk, I felt powerful. I could make things happen by scribbling with a pen on a pink pad and moving papers around on his desk.

They Feed Our Need For Order

I have spent my entire life trying to whip my world into a pristine order that is always just beyond reach. Life needs to be organized to keep it within the bounds of my comprehension. Too much disarray causes me to get overwhelmed and shut down.

They Feel Like a Fresh Start

When I was in college, I had an eccentric professor who would walk around the room while he lectured, peering over your shoulder while you took notes. If he started a new topic, even if you only had one sentence written at the top of the page, he would reach over, tap your notebook and say “New page” in his heavy Egyptian accent.

They Spark Our Creativity

When we have a drawer filled neatly with glue sticks, scissors, washi tape, colored sharpies and great writing pens, the world is our oyster. There is nothing we can’t create, cutting up magazines for collage, creating greeting cards for friends, pinning inspirational quotes onto our bulletin board.

They Remind Us of Simpler Times

We all remember how exciting it was to get new school supplies. I loved that shopping trip even more than the school clothes shopping.

I Will Never Fall Out of Love With Office Supplies

Office supplies spark my imagination about the kind of world I can create for myself. They take me back to those happy times in my daddy’s office and they give me a reason to retool and reorganize my life. They feel like a special little indulgence when I am feeling overwhelmed by the world. They are a gift to myself.

Human learning to be human. Writing in hopes of getting there. You can follow me at https://www.facebook.com/bethbrunoauthor

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